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ISS Athletics Weekly Round Up

By Staff , 10/01/18, 10:00AM EDT



Week seven of ISS football is in the books. We saw many impressive performances on the week as teams looked to secure some of their first conference wins of the season. Not sure how your team did this week? See the complete list of scores around the district below: 

October 5 

  • West Rowan def. East Rowan 35-14
  • Patton def. East Burke 29-7
  • South Iredell def. Statesville 20-19
  • Mallard Creek def. West Charlotte 58-0
  • North Meck def.Hopewell 54-16
  • Vance def. Mooresville 47-21
  • Jesse Carson def. North Iredell 57-30
  • Hough def. Lake Norman 55-19
  • Hibriten def. Foard 53-14
  • Bunker Hill def. Draughn 37-20

Men's Soccer

Week seven of ISS soccer has come to an end as fall is now officially upon us. Many teams faced off against conference opponents and secured some big points on the week. Not sure how your team did? Check out last weeks soccer scores below: 

October 1 

  • Hopewell def. West Charlotte 5-1
  • Lake Norman def. North Meck 5-0 
  • Mallard Creek def. Mooresville 2-1
  • Hough def. Vance 5-0 
  • East Burke def. Bunker Hill 3-0 
  • West Iredell def. Patton 5-3
  • Statesville def. Jesse Carson 3-0 
  • South Iredell def. East Rowan 9-1
  • North Iredell def. West Rowan 1-0

October 3 

  • Jesse Carson tied West Rowan 2-2
  • Lake Norman def. West Charlotte 10-1
  • Mallard Creek def. Vance 1-0 
  • Hough def. Hopewell 5-1
  • West Iredell def. Bunker Hill 6-2
  • Statesville def. East Rowan 7-0 
  • South Iredell def. North Iredell 3-2

Women's Volleyball

Week seven of ISS volleyball concluded over the weekend! Many programs faced off against tough opponents as they made their way into conference play. Not sure how your team did this week? Be sure to check out the complete schedule for last week below: 

October 1

  • West Iredell def. Patton 3-0 
  • East Burke def. Bunker Hill 3-2 

October 2

  • South Iredell def. West Rowan 3-2
  • North Iredell def. Statesville 3-1
  • Mallard Creek def. Hopewell 3-0 
  • North Meck at Hough No Score 
  • Lake Norman def. Mooresville 3-0 

October 3

  • Bunker Hill at West Iredell No Score 
  • East Burke def. Hibriten 3-0 

October 4

  • South Iredell def. East Rowan 3-0 
  • West Rowan at North Iredell No Score 
  • Jesse Carson def. Statesville 3-0 
  • Mallard Creek at North Meck No Score 
  • Vance at Lake Norman No Score 

October 6

  • West Iredell at South Iredell