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This Week in ISS Athletics

By Staff, 10/02/17, 2:30PM EDT


ISS Athletics will gear up for another week of intense match-ups. Football will begin to face conference competitors and other sports will enter their final month of regular season play. Want to know when your team is competing this week? Read below for a complete list of schedules for your fall sports teams!


Friday, October 6th

  • Lake Norman at Hough 7pm
  • Statesville at South Iredell 7:30pm
  • Carson at North Iredell 7:30pm




Men's Soccer

Monday, October 2nd

  • Lake Norman at North Meck 6pm
  • Patton at West Iredell 6:30pm
  • Statesville at Jesse Carson 6:30pm
  • West Rowan at North Iredell 6:30pm
  • East Rowan at South Iredell 6:30pm

Wednesday, October 4th

  • West Charlotte at Lake Norman 6pm
  • West Iredell at Bunker Hill 6:30pm
  • East Rowan at Statesville 6:30pm
  • South Iredell at North Iredell 6:30pm

Friday, October 6

  • North Iredell at West Iredell 6:30pm



Monday, October 2

  • Patton at West Iredell 6pm

Tuesday, October 3rd

  • West Rowan at South Iredell 6pm
  • Statesville at North Iredell 6pm
  • Mooresville at Lake Norman 6pm

Wednesday, October 4th

  • West Iredell at Bunker Hill 6:30pm

Thursday, October 5th

  • South Iredell at East Rowan 6pm
  • Jesse Carson at Statesville 6pm
  • North Iredell at West Rowan 6pm
  • Lake Norman at Vance 6pm

Women's Tennis

Monday, October 2nd

  • Patton at West Iredell 4pm

Tuesday, October 3

  • Hopewell at Lake Norman 4pm
  • Statesville at North Iredell 4pm
  • West Rowan at South Iredell 4pm

Wednesday, October 4

  • West Iredell at Bunker Hill 4pm

Thursday, October 5

  • North Meck at Lake Norman 4pm
  • North Iredell at West Rowan 4pm
  • South Iredell at East Rowan 4pm
  • Carson at Statesville 4pm


Women's Golf

Monday, October 2nd

  • South Iredell vs. Statesville at Twin Oaks 3:30pm
  • West Iredell vs. Patton at Mimosa Hills Country Club 3:30pm


Cross Country

Tuesday, October 3rd

  • South Iredell, North Iredell and Statesville at Statesville Soccer Complex 4:30pm
  • West Iredell at Bunker Hill 5pm

Saturday, October 7th

  • Wendy’s Invitational at Mcalpine Greenway Park 9am